Nvidia Shield 2017 release date, news and features

At its press conference at CES 2017, Nvidia announced a new Shield console running Android and capable of 4K HDR streaming.

We first heard rumors of the an updated Shield back in December when a leak suggested that we’d see two new consoles in 2017. The most interesting thing about the leak was the new console’s controller, with longer hand-grips that make it look significantly different from the console’s previous iteration. 

The first Nvidia Shield impressed us with its 4K output and ability to stream games over a local network using Nvidia’s gamestream technology, but it was let down by a hefty price tag. 

Now, Nvidia has let us in on its new device, and while there’s only one, this streaming box is loaded with power. What’s more, it’s backed by Google Assistant and a new peripheral named Spot, giving it much more capabilities than simply playing games and watching TV and movies. 

Nvidia Shield 2017 price and release date

The Nvidia Shield 2017 will cost $199, though Nvidia CEO  Jen-Hsun Huang didn’t announce a release date. 

The Spot peripheral will be sold as a separate accessory in the coming months, and no price was announced for the device. 

 Nvidia Shield 2017 specs