Tired of sitting through show intros? Netflix has the solution

Netflix is rolling out a “Skip Intro” button to its service that bypasses the opening credits of certain shows – shaving binge viewers precious seconds from their upcoming TV marathon. 

Not every program in Netflix’s library can have its opening credits dodged, but some of the streaming giant’s original shows like House of Cards and Daredevil can now have their sizable, minute-plus long intros skipped.

The Skip Intro feature also works for other programs outside of the Netflix Original label, such as The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, and The Office. 

However, other shows we tested like Bob’s Burgers, 30 Rock, Futurama, and Netflix’s own Bojack Horseman were no-gos, (though we can’t say we mind, given how catchy those shows’ theme songs are.)

Skip the intro, start the binge

It appears Netflix’s newest feature began rolling out as far back as three weeks ago, according to users on Reddit, with those same users claiming that the feature appears to be available in select regions globally.

Netflix already skips the intro on certain shows when put on autoplay, but that feature usually just applies to shows that don’t employ a cold open (that is, start with an quick scene or gag before the show’s intro kick in.)

It’s also unclear which shows merit a Skip Intro button at this time, considering Bojack Horseman’s currently unskippable opening is nearly as long as Mad Men’s cucumber-cool opening jam and Parks and Rec’s chirpy intro combined.

We have contacted Netflix to learn more specifics about the Skip Intro feature, in addition to where and when it’s expected to roll out, and will update this story as new details emerge.

Via The Verge